Visit Český Krumlov

What do you recommend I do in Krumlov?

Get lost!
Grab your camera and take to the streets. Krumlov is one of the world’s best-preserved medieval cities. With its winding streets, small cobblestone alleyways, incredible architecture and breath-taking views, it is sure to not disappoint.

Get cultured
Krumlov has a number of great museums and galleries. Some of our favorites are The Egon Schiele Art Center which, in addition to showing the work of world-renowned artists, also has some beautifully preserved interior spaces that are worth seeing in their own right. Also interesting is The Museum Fotoatelier Seidel with its incredible collection of historic glass photographs of the region.

Immerse yourself in history
Tour the castle and castle gardens. Of all the castle tours offered, we highly recommend the one of the Baroque theater (a separate tour from the main castle tour).

Just hang out
Grab a book, sketchpad or bunch of friends and head for one of Krumlov’s many great cafes, restaurants and pubs, all of which have their own unique charm. Hospoda 99 and Deli 99 are, of course, our favorite places to relax and get refreshed but we also recommend u Dvou Marií (for a medieval menu), Čajovna (teahouse), Cikánská Jízba (Gypsy pub) and Apoteke (a great cocktail bar in the former apothecary).

Break for beer
Just a short two-minute walk from the Hostel is Krumlov’s-own Eggenberg Brewery. The Brewery offers one English-language tour a day at around 12 pm on which visitor can sample a special unfiltered yeast beer which is available exclusively on this tour. If you can’t catch the tour, you can still stop at the Brewery Restaurant to try to some of the other standard beers they have on tap.

Listen to the music
For a small city, Krumlov sure has a vibrant nightlife. Some of the more popular venues for music (usually on weekends) are:

Klub Antre

      (next to the Městské divadlo/the Town Theater)


    -Gypsy Bar (Cikánská Jízba)

See Shakespeare (and others) in the Park
Also awesome is the Revolving Theater. Yes, this outdoor theater, located inside the castle garden, actually rotates, and the grounds around the theater serve as the set for the production. Held only in the summer months, this is definitely a unique Krumlov experience (there are only a few of these rotating theaters in the whole world). Most plays are in Czech but the experience is still worth it.

Get out!
Tired of hanging out at the pub? Want to make your Krumlov visit truly unique and memorable? Here are some of our favorite day trips and outdoor activities:

Day trips

Zlatá koruna: Just a short, 10 minute bus trip from Krumlov, Zlatá koruna is a sweet little village with a beautiful 14th century monastery. Tours of the monastery are offered.

Hluboka Castle: Located about 30 minutes from Krumlov, this amazing neo-gothic castle has a number of great tours and an art gallery with rotating exhibitions. Pack a lunch and have a picnic in the lovely castle gardens.

Outdoor Activities
Rafting: Floating down the Vltava River on one of Hostel 99’s rafts is a great way to spend the day. For more information, see Adventure 99.

Take a Hike!
Křižák: Take a walk to Křižák Hill (45 minutes to the summit) and take in the great views of the whole city.

Kleť Mountain, the highest peak in the area with well-marked trails, offers excellent hiking opportunities. With a chair lift option for those who are less-athletically motivated and a small pub at the top, Kleť is a great day out.

Dívčí kamen: Walking around the romantic ruins of the 14th century Dívčí kamen Castle is a wonderful and relaxed way to spend a day.

Celebrate Good Times!
Krumlov knows how to put on a good festival!


Festival of the Five-Petalled Rose

    is a huge and hugely popular historical festival held each June. The whole city is taken over by residents in historic costumes, street performers and musicians, jousting performances, and vendors selling traditional foods and drinks or locally made crafts.

St. Wenceslas´ Celebration: held each September, this festival is pretty much the last big breath of life thrown into the city before we plunge into winter. There are plenty of great festivities and a all the museums, tours in town are for free!

Another very cool happening is the Jazzky Krumlov Festival, a 3-day jazz festival held in September. The concerts take place in different venues all over the city. Some concerts are for free, but the best ones not.

Krumlov is also a great place to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s, fireworks and all!

Oh, the places you’ll go….
At some point, most people decide to continue on with their travels (though some stay forever!). If you must go, some of the most popular next stops are Olomouc, Brno, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich. While at the hostel, we’ll be happy to provide you with some tips and info about your next destination, wherever it may be.